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This is not your actual application. We will follow up with the actual completed applications for you to review and sign. You will need to provide additional documentation that will be used as part of the application process, such as your driver's license, utility bills and bank statements.

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    • Please estimate the percentage of credit card transactions you will receive in each of the following sources:

    Bank Draft EFT/ACH Information

      Please make sure you set your daily and monthly limits to cover your processing volume. Setting these limits too low will result in transactions being rejected by the processor and delays in getting your limits raised and transactions re-processed. Also make sure that you consider your billing frequency. For example, if you bill on only one or multiple days per month make sure your DAILY limits will handle all of the volume anticipated.

    • Bank drafts are also known as ACH or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions and involve you using a customer's bank account and routing number. If you only wish to be able to process a debit card, then you do NOT need to sign up for this service as those can be processed by accepting credit cards.

      NOTE: This option is not available for all software applications - please do not enroll if you are using the Member Management System (MMS) software.

    PCI Compliance and Integration Information
    • Every U.S. merchant that accepts credit cards is required to be PCI compliant. Failure to comply can result in you and your business being responsible for penalties up to $500,000.00.

      Along with your new merchant account, you will be enrolled into a PCI Compliance and Protection program with industry leader, Sysnet. This insurance provides up to $100,000 of liability insurance against actual losses from a data breach, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses. With data breach protection, you and your business are covered without a deductible.

      Once you are set up with your account, you will be mailed instructions on how to fill out the Sysnet self-assessment questionnaire. Please complete this to avoid a $45 per month surcharge that will start after having your account for 90 days.