Global Payment Perspectives: Key Considerations that Can Make or Break Your POS Software Global Expansion – Part 1

I recently held a webinar on Constellation Payments’ global payment capabilities. And while it’s extremely exciting to provide our partners with the opportunity to expand into different markets, I encourage our partners to be aware of the challenges they may face when expanding. And I encourage them to have a plan to overcome those challenges. My […]

Global Payment Perspectives: The First Step in Taking Your POS Software to International Markets

I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it. At Constellation Payments, we’re expanding our global payment processing capabilities at a rapid pace. It’s a unique opportunity we can offer our POS software provider partners. For example, if a partner wants to enter the European market, they don’t have to go with another gateway […]

How Payments Are Done: The Most Popular Posts of 2016

If you’re going to read any articles from the How Payments Are Done blog, these five are it. Some clear up the confusion around specific payment processing jargon and technical complexities like “What’s the difference between a surcharge and a convenience fee? Who can charge what?”. Other articles cover critical, need-to-know payment challenges like how to reduce […]

Selecting the Right Payment Technology Partner for Your Software Business [SlideShare]

The SaaS marketplace. It’s crowded. Fiercely competitive. To stay in the game — and remain relevant — you MUST provide valued solutions that prevent your software users from seeking an alternative option. Integrated payment technology can be one of those unique differentiators that sets your software apart from the rest, increases customer loyalty, and boosts retention. But finding […]

8 Elements Every Great Business Partnership Must Have

Teaming up with others is a part of business. You partner with colleagues, with employees, with other organizations. But are those partnerships great? Do they include the elements of effective partnering? One title I really enjoy and often recommend is: “Power of 2: How to Make the Most of Your Partnerships at Work and in […]