Channel Partner FAQs

  • How Do You Apply for an Account with Constellation Payments?

    We provide a customized link to enable us to track which applicants are coming from your company. From this link, the applicant would answer all of the questions and then submit their information. An automated email will then be sent to the submitter explaining the next steps of the process.

    This application does not actually imply a commitment from the lead as we will use this information and then send it back to the customer to review, sign, and then return. In addition, we will need supporting documentation returned along with their application. This will be sent over to the various underwriting and compliance departments that will review in order to approve the application.

  • What Documentation Must an Applicant Return Along with Their Application?

    The following documentation would be needed depending on the country and products selected. This information is automatically sent to the applicant as part of an auto-response email thanking them for their submission.

  • Credit Card Processing Documentation

    • Voided check
    • Any ONE of the following items to provide business verification information:
      • 3 months of CURRENT processing statements
      • Photos of the business site
      • Yellow Page advertisement
      • Business License
      • 3rd party prepared business financials or tax returns
      • 12 months of checking account history
      • Phone Bill or Utility Bill
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • Lease Agreement (DBA address and lease agreement address must match)
      • Copy of Federal Tax ID paperwork
      • Professional License
      • Sales and Use Tax
      • Copy of Federal Tax Identification paperwork
      • Business Tax Receipt
      • W-9 (Long Form)
  • Bank Draft / Direct Debit Application (EFT\ACH) — USA

    • 2 months recent bank statements (displaying company address)
    • Blank voided check from company account (if funds delivery is requested via US ACH)
    • Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization
    • DBA certification (if applicable)
    • ID/Passport of each Principal/Officer noted above (must include picture and signature)
    • W-9 (for United States domiciled businesses)
  • How Long Does it Take for an Account to be approved?

    The most important thing that a customer can do to speed up the process is to sign and return their application along with their supporting documentation as soon as possible. In addition, all supporting documentation MUST have the same DBA name and address as listed on the original application form.

    For credit card applications, we usually see a one-week turnaround. For bank draft (EFT/ACH) applications, the process is a bit longer as the requirements and documentation are more extensive. Expect a seven to ten business day turnaround for these accounts to be set up.

  • Are There Any Early Termination or Cancellation Fees?

    There are no early termination or cancellation fees if you wish to cancel your account.

  • What is PCI protection?

    PCI protection and insurance will help provide protection against the theft of credit card data and also provide a method to register and avoid paying a monthly non-compliance fee.

    PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and was established by the credit card industry to protect customer and credit card data. We will enroll the customer into a program for only $7.50 per month that will help provide insurance in the case of a breach. We will also provide instructions on how to register using an online portal to avoid paying an industry-mandated $30.00 fee each month for not being compliant.

    PCI protection is ONLY offered in the U.S. market and we do offer nor charge for this with Canadian merchants.

  • How Soon Will Money Appear in a Customer’s Account?

    For credit card transactions, the money will appear in a customer’s account in two days; in rare cases, it can take up to three days. If a customer would like a faster funding time, next day funding is available for only an additional $10 per month fee.

    For bank draft (EFT/ACH) transactions in the U.S., the money will appear in the customer’s account in five days. A payout email will be sent to the email address on file listing details. For bank draft (EFT/ACH) transactions in Canada, the processor has a week-long window that starts on Sunday and ends the following Saturday.

  • How Does PIN Debit Work in Canada?

    All Canadian Debit processing will go through their separate “Interac” network ( It will not even be treated like a credit card and the standard tiers of fully\mid\non-qualified do not apply. To support this, you will need to use a separate credit card terminal that will support the PIN debit cards.

  • What terminal hardware will support PIN debit??

    The most affordable terminal we have found is the Ingenico ICT250 that will support a variety of options including PIN debit.

  • How does a Merchant Apply for PIN debit?

    On the merchant application, we would check the PIN debit section and indicate the $0.15 price.