Offload Your Risk with Our Hosted Payment Pages

Our hosted payment pages take you out of PCI scope, passing all credit card data to the Constellation Payments gateway.

The 123Signup software required a unique configuration for its hosted payment pages. Constellation Payments didn’t back away from this. They created a specific solution for us that operates perfectly … something other gateways just wouldn’t do.
Ann Murphy, General Manager, 123Signup Software

How it works:

The Point of Sale (POS) handles all the normal processes but at the time of credit card collection, credit card data is entered into the payments page which is hosted on Constellation Payments’ secured, PCI-compliant computers.

No sensitive data ever passes through the POS. Once Constellation Payments authorizes the transaction, the POS software is updated with the transaction information details. Payment pages are also designed to meet your specifications and branded for your website or software.

A blue computer monitor

Key benefits:

  • Point to point encryption
  • Supports TDES and AES
  • DUKPT key management
  • PCI-certified process
  • Payment page styled to match your software
  • Encrypted card reader
  • Encrypted key stored by Constellation Payments
  • Credit card tokenization