Give Your Customers a Fast, CONVENIENT Checkout Experience

Mobile phone with gold dollar sign overlay

More and more people are using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Softcard and other mobile payment apps to make purchases with their mobile devices. Top retailers, McDonald’s®, CVS/pharmacy®, and 7-Eleven, Inc., are accepting contactless payments at all their store locations. Even medium-sized and smaller merchants are beginning to accept contactless payments. Don’t be left behind!

How it works:

Contactless smart chip technology comes in many different forms: key fobs, plastic cards, watches and handheld devices like mobile phones. Instead of inserting a card into a card reader, customers make purchases by holding their contactless payment device in close proximity to a reader.

Consumers are willingly changing to this form of payment because of the speed and convenience it provides. Merchants also benefit too. Studies show that merchants are seeing sales volumes increase and transactions speed up — and they’re lowering costs by improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance required by contactless readers.

Key benefits:

  • Faster transactions for both merchant and customer
  • Increases customer spending, purchase frequency and customer loyalty
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces operating costs through a streamlined payment process

Let Us Help You Implement Contactless Payment Technology!

All terminals that are part of our integrated terminal solution set support contactless payments, so you can take contactless payments immediately — and give your customers the fast, seamless payment transaction experience they demand.