Attract New Buyers and ENCOURAGE Them to Become Repeat Shoppers

Group of 3-D starts surrounding the words Loyalty Program

Fanfare by Elavon® is a complete marketing and customer loyalty program that includes loyalty rewards, gift cards and real-time offer and promotional/pre-paid cards.

How it works:

When your shoppers make purchases at your store, they accumulate points for every dollar they spend until they accumulate enough points for a reward — a process that is proven to motivate shoppers to become repeat customers.

Fanfare is a seamless addition to the existing point-of-sale checkout process. Shoppers are either prompted to join at checkout or identified as existing members. Once an existing member has been identified, a current offer is presented to them for use. Shoppers can choose to save an offer to use at a later time.

You also have the option to use promotional cards through the Fanfare program, where you load a small dollar amount onto a card, and then distribute the cards in your community to invite new shoppers to visit your business.

Key benefits:

  • Turn new shoppers into loyal members who visit your business more and spend more
  • Customize your loyalty program to drive the business you want
  • Set up time-based offers through the Business Dashboard
  • The program tracks customer loyalty points, offers and rewards — and provides analytics to measure the program’s effectiveness