21 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Chargebacks

Death. Taxes. They’re inevitable. So too are chargebacks when you accept credit card payments. Fortunately, there are proactive techniques you can implement to drastically reduce your risk of chargebacks. Start with This Slide Deck Tutorial, Share it with Your Staff The greater your education and understanding, the fewer chargebacks and constraints on resources you’ll endure. […]

Global Payment Processing Capabilities: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret. Expanding your software’s market reach creates massive opportunities. A boost to your sales team. More leads. More sales. An improved bottom line. What you may not know is that same payment processing platform that provides multiple payment solutions can propel your software company into new geographies — with multi-country and multi-currency capabilities. Extending Your […]

Your Cyber Incident Response Exercise

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requires organizations that accept credit card payments to: “Create an incident response plan to be implemented in the event of a system breach” “Review and test the plan” (minimally on an annual basis) “Provide appropriate training to staff with security breach responsibilities” “Develop a process to modify […]

Sharpen Your Software’s Competitive Edge with these Integrated Payment Services – Part 1

“Ah! Another software catering to the exact same niche we market to!”, you grumble. “How can we possibly stand out in this space?”, you wonder with angst beginning set in. In a market where new SaaS solutions are launched every day, it may seem nearly impossible to outshine the rest. Fortunately, there are many ways […]