Global Payment Perspectives: The First Step in Taking Your POS Software to International Markets

I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it. At Constellation Payments, we’re expanding our global payment processing capabilities at a rapid pace. It’s a unique opportunity we can offer our POS software provider partners. For example, if a partner wants to enter the European market, they don’t have to go with another gateway […]

The Equifax Hack: What You Need to Know, Steps to Keep Customer Data Safe

By now we’ve all heard the story of how 143 million Americans (roughly half the US population) had their personal data compromised due to a breach at Equifax. It’s reasonable to be concerned about the security of your personal accounts. But what about your customers’ sensitive financial data? With so many people affected, consumers are […]

Payments Around the Globe: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Products and Services Internationally

It’s 2017 and one thing’s for sure: Businesses are growing internationally. Franchises are opening more and more locations overseas. Companies that sell online are extending their reach into new and often emerging markets. While profitable for many, these types of expansions can be complicated, particularly when it comes to payment processing. Each region has its […]

Key Payment Trend for 2017: Growing Use of Mobile Payments, What Business Owners Need to Know

Read through any payment trends list for the new year and you’re sure to find this: mobile payments will continue to rise throughout 2017. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consumers go everywhere with their smartphones. It’s only logical that they’d use their mobile devices to pay on the go too. What’s a Mobile Payment? […]

4 Facts that Prove Software-Integrated Terminals are Better for Business

Why should a business use an integrated terminal provided by Constellation Payments when the same brand and model of terminal can be found online for the same – and sometimes lower – price? It’s a legitimate question we’re often asked. An integrated terminal provided by Constellation Payments is configured specifically to process transactions that flow […]