Maximize Your RECURRING Revenue

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How it works:

You can leverage our proprietary billing and servicing platform — and payment gateway — easily and seamlessly through our API. By doing so you immediately secure your customers' personal financial data, raise recurring revenue, improve data management, accelerate payment turnaround and reduce delinquencies.

The gold standard in payment card data security.

Constellation Payments is certified as a Level One PCI compliant provider, the highest level of data security and compliance. This ensures that all sensitive personal financial data is encrypted and protected with advanced electronic and physical security.

We go through on-site audits and make investments to meet the ever-changing security standards, so you don't have to.

Let our team work with you to see how our Recurring Billing Solution can limit or eliminate your scope for PCI compliance.

Tools to free up your time, increase payments and gain more customers.

New customer acquisition is likely a more significant success driver for your business than managing administrative billing and data details. Our tools enable you to focus your internal resources on what will drive growth and profitability for your business, including:

  • 24/7 online self-service customer portal — makes it easy for your customers to make payments online, update payment information, and access open and paid invoices 24/7.
  • Automated processing and reprocessing of scheduled recurring payments — lowers your delinquency, reduces attrition and risk, and gets you more payments. If you choose to do so, harness the power of our call center team that will personally work to manage your delinquencies and get you more money. Our solution also ensures you have payment before you ship your product or fulfill a service, so you know you're getting paid for what you're delivering.
  • Real-time, online billing, funding and delinquency reports — enables you to spend less time building reports and more time taking action on the information they provide. Leverage our API and data framework to automatically retrieve the data you need when you need it.

A full-service solution to optimize recurring revenue.

Our full-service billing solution can be added to our core platform — giving you a complete delinquency management support system to collect even more payments. In addition to all of the broadcast calls, emails and portal access of the core platform, our expert Customer Care team will work on your behalf to professionally bill and collect past-due payments and manage chargebacks.

Customized packages that work for you and your business.

We offer a wide variety of full-service options and will work with you to develop a system of services that best suit your immediate and future needs.

Billing & Payment Processing Features
PCI Compliance Regulation & Electronic Data Safety Management Standard Feature
Payment Profile Created for Each Member Standard Feature
Recurring Transaction Processing — Direct Debit and Credit Card File Preparation Standard Feature
Statement Option (Invoices Mailed via USPS/Canada Post) Standard Feature
Flexible Billing Options - Any Term, Any Day, Any Frequency Standard Feature
Automatic Renewal Option Standard Feature
Payment and Reversal Posting Standard Feature
Client Features
Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting (Billing, Funding and Delinquency) Standard Feature
Assistance with Every Aspect of Your Account for You and Your Staff Standard Feature
Automated email Alerts to Notify You of Member Activity Standard Feature
Member Features
Welcome email Sent to Member Standard Feature
Full Customer Service Support to Your Members Enhanced Feature
Online Self-Service Member Portal Standard Feature
Delinquency Management Features
Automatic Reprocessing of Declined Credit Card Transactions Standard Feature
Document Scanning and Storage Enhanced Feature
Referral to Collection Agencies (Optional) Standard Feature
Analysis of Legal Threats Enhanced Feature
BBB Responses Enhanced Feature
Inbound Customer Support via a Toll-Free Hotline Enhanced Feature
Chargeback Management Enhanced Feature
Correspondence Management and Follow-Up Enhanced Feature
Email Correspondence (Change of Address, Bounced Payments, Delinquency Notices, Etc.) Enhanced Feature
Relocation/Medical Verification Enhanced Feature
Send Member Settlement Offer at 90 Days Delinquent Enhanced Feature
Automated Outbound Payment Reminder Calls (No Manned Calls) Enhanced Feature

By-your-side implementation program for seamless integration.

Through our implementation program, you'll receive:

  • An expert consultation to identify the specific needs of your business
  • A customized API reference guide with implementation best practices
  • A Technical Specification Document (TSD) detailing exactly what your system will need to do to exchange data with our API
  • A series of meetings with our team to facilitate implementation
  • Access to our API developers from start to "go live"

Companies Using Our Recurring Billing Solution

Recurring Goods or Service Providers use our Recurring Billing Solution to limit their PCI regulatory scope, so all of their customer data is secure and stored outside of their website or their internal environment for real-time payment processing. Our delinquency management tools deliver incremental payments and revenue that these providers might otherwise lose. Recurring goods and service providers also use our solution to make sure they have received payment before delivering products and services.

Software Companies use our Recurring Billing Solution to add billing, servicing and payment processing functionality to their existing software applications for Point of Sale, one-time payments and recurring payments. If you have a software application that already handles one-time payments, we offer the ability to add on recurring payment processing and delinquency management for your clients as a value-added service to increase revenue.

Franchise organizations use our Recurring Billing Solution for solid data and royalty management. Franchisors can choose to bill their franchisees any way they need and our billing platform will automatically pay out royalties to the franchisor. The Recurring Billing Solution also enables franchise organizations to reduce risk by implementing best-practice security measures throughout the organization.

We also serve: utility companies, adventure travel companies, religious organizations, moving and storage companies, online funding organizations and government entities.